Choosing diamond color- how to save money?

Choosing the right diamond color is very important as it can significantly impact how much you pay for your diamond purchase. Your local jewellery retailer might try to push you to buy a better color because he has a very small inventory and he would like you to make your selection from it. Visit to browse through more than 1,30,000 certified solitaires and save over 40% on retail prices. Contact our experts if you are looking for the best value on your diamond purchase.

A 1-carat I color diamond can save you more than 25% over a 1-carat G color diamond; if there is no visual difference between the two once the diamond is mounted, it means you save a significant amount of money. Or better, you can purchase a much bigger diamond within your budget.

My honest recommendations for choosing diamond color would be:

Setting Round Princess, Emerald, Asscher Marquise, Oval, Heart, Pear Radiant, Cushion
White Gold/Platinum F, G, H, even I F, G, H F, G F, G
Yellow Gold I, J, K, even L H, I, J H, I, J H, I, J

Cut is the most important factor that affects a diamond’s appearance and I highly recommend that it should be given priority over other factors when you make your selection. A I color Excellent- cut grade diamond will look far more appealing visually than a G color Good- cut grade diamond. So, you should consider comprising on diamond color but not on cut.

Each diamond shape has a different arrangement of facets which affects how much light is captured inside the diamond and thereby affects the color that is visible. I would make my decision on choosing diamond color based on the following criteria:

  • Size of the diamond
  • Shape of the diamond
  • Metal color of the setting
GIA color scale
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However, before we explore these in detail, first let us understand what exactly is diamond color. The color evaluation of diamonds is based on the absence of color, so when we speak of color we actually are referring to the degree of colorlessness in a diamond. Many of these color distinctions are so subtle that they are invisible to the untrained eye; however, these distinctions make a very big difference in diamond price, you can read more about color here. Diamond colors are graded from D to Z, with D color diamonds being totally colorless, rare and the most expensive.

  • Size: The difference in prices between color grades is relatively much lesser for smaller-sized diamonds. So, if you are thinking of getting a 0.30 carat diamond for a white gold ring, you can consider buying F-color, the price difference between F and H isn’t that high and it will give you good value for money. However, the price difference is considerably high for a 1-carat diamond and it might be prudent to consider G or H color. Also, it becomes easier to differentiate between diamond colors as the size increases, so be careful when buying a diamond over 1.50 carats and a lower color grade. A bigger diamond with L-color grade will look considerably yellow compared to an I-color diamond, even to an untrained eye.
  • Shape: As mentioned earlier, color grade should be chosen keeping the diamond shape in mind. A round diamond will reflect the maximum possible light and so you can consider a lower color. Whereas, a pear or marquise shaped diamond stores more light inside and color will be easily visible, especially at the tips/points.
  • Metal color: It is extremely important to keep the metal color of the setting in mind when choosing a diamond color. A yellow-gold setting will make even an F or higher color grade diamond look yellowish because of the metal reflections and it would be a waste of money to select anything higher than I-color for it.


Apart from these factors, it is also important to understand the interaction of fluorescence with color. Simply put, if you are thinking of buying a J or lower color grade, consider buying a diamond with Faint or Medium fluorescence since this will make the diamond look whiter (it generally dulls the brilliance and makes the diamond look milky so stay away from Medium and Strong fluorescence for D-I colors). Lastly, if you are buying a centre diamond for a setting with side diamonds, buy a color grade that is better or at least the same as the side stones to highlight the centre diamond.

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6 thoughts on “Choosing diamond color- how to save money?

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  1. Hi Ishaan,

    I am buying diamond set for the first time and the jweller is giving me VS-GH totalling 5 K and gold 32 gms necklace with earrings at approx. 3.5 lacs

    Is the bargain good and what precautions I need to take while purchasing the same

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Shefali,

      The price seems on the higher side but I need some more details before I can say for sure. What are the diamond sizes and is the gold purity 18K or 14K? Also, G-H VS is based on the jeweller’s word or is there a 3rd party certificate? If there’s a 3rd party certificate, then which one is it because there are lot of dubious labs like IGL, DGLA, SGL etc whose standards aren’t upto the mark. IGI – International Gemological Institute certification is the best for diamond jewellery. So, a G-H VS in some other lab’s certificate could well be I-J SI or even lower. Also, you should ask for gold hallmarking.

      Let me know the other details and I can give you an idea of what a fair price should be.


  2. Hi ishaan,this is the first time i am visiting website and i am happy to know that you are from the university of London too!


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