How to choose diamond size?

‘Carat’ is the term used to refer to the weight of a diamond. Diamonds are sold in carats and it is a unit of weight, though it is commonly mistaken as a measurement of diamond size. So, it is not always necessary that, say, a 0.96 carat diamond is smaller than a 1.00 carat diamond. It is important to look at the ‘mm’ measurements of a diamond to understand the diamond size – this is the first advice that I give to my clients when they are choosing diamonds. Also, diamond prices increase exponentially with the increase in weight. So, a 2 carat diamond will be priced much more than twice the price of a 1 carat diamond. Hence, a smart choice would be to avoid the full points for which the price increase is much more. So, you can get a 0.90-0.92 carat diamond for 10-15% lesser than a 1-carat diamond without comprising much, if at all, on the actual diamond size.

Carat is unrelated to the similar sounding ‘Karat’ which is a measure of gold purity.

1 carat = 0.200 gms (one carat equals 1/200th of one gram)

Another term used for diamond weight is ‘Cents’.

1 carat = 100 cents

So, 0.10 carat is also referred to as 10 cents.

Learn more about diamond carat.

Also, a very important thing to note is that with an increase in carat weight, the actual size of the diamond does not increase by the same proportion. So, a 2 carat diamond is much smaller than twice the size of a 1 carat diamond, as illustrated in the diamond carat-size charts below.




It is one of the most common problems when choosing a diamond. Especially for men looking to buy engagement rings – you do not want the diamond to look too small and unimpressive and at the same time you want it within your budget! Well, worry not, for this great image below will help you in getting a good idea of how big diamonds of different carat weights actually look so you can make your decision. Here, we have compared round diamonds against the standard length of a woman’s fingernail. Identify the diamond carat you want to purchase and then use the advice I mention earlier in this post – look at the measurements of the diamond and then look for a diamond which is slightly smaller than the full carat point you have chosen.



Selecting the centre diamond size can be tricky and here is a great image to help you make the best choice. Keep in mind that once the diamond is set in a ring, depending upon the setting, it will look at least 10% bigger.



For shapes other than round, this chart will help you understand the different diamond sizes. The measurements indicate the length and width of the diamonds.

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